Friday, April 19, 2013

please join us on May,5,2013 at 1.00 pm PS time for our specialty auction of Persian Kilims

The Kilim maker the craftsman of heritage and love

The word kilim simply means flat woven rug, or rug without a knotted pile. There are many variation of its name in different languages: gilim in Iran, Kelim in Afganestan, Kylym in Ukrine, Palas in Caucasians, Bsath in Syria and Lebenan, Chilim in Romenia, and Kilim again in Turkey, Poland, Hungery, and Serbia. There is striking similarity in design and composition of Kilims produced in different areas due to structural similarity of Kilims.
We will be posting bloggs for our spaceial item for public interest
AUCTION  5-5-2013


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